PCBility Mouse enables you to easily control your computer's mouse cursor, without using your hands.
Move your face and the mouse cursor will follow.
This hands free mouse software will add further accessibility to your PC.
PCBility Mouse uses a web camera to track the user's head movements
, translating those movements into cursor movements on the computer screen.
This software can be used for a number of purposes, however was developed with physically disabled people in mind.

Once you move the cursor to the desired location, a cursor menu will automatically open,
enabling you to select any click option you desire - from 'left-click' to 'drag-and-drop'
- all standard mouse cursor operations are available.

Our product is very accurate and doesn't require any training whatsoever.
A few minutes with PCBility Mouse and you won't need your standard mouse any longer.
Only a simple web camera is required.
----You can also try our microphone mouse product:
PCBility microphone mouse , enables you to control your computer`s mouse cursor using your microphone.
Generate short and long noises to move the mouse around the screen and generates clicks.

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